My Top 5 Free Gaming Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Y

This article was written back in November of 2012. However, for the Samsung Galaxy Y, the following games are still relevant and very recommended. So read on! :D

I've never owned a smartphone before, but two months ago that changed for the better.

Good bye LG Cookie; you served me very well. And now, hellooo Samsung Galaxy Y! We're gonna be the best of friends... :D

I remember that before the smartphone era you had to scour the web for .jar files and hope you could find the one .jar file with the program that did just what you needed. Nowadays, almost any kind of application you can imagine exists, and you can easily get it either on Google Play (for Android) or in the App Store for iOS.

Paid apps. Free apps. Productivity apps. Gaming apps. Apps - Apps everywhere! Thanks to my brand new Galaxy Y, I could now explore this vast and brand new world of Android applications.

And so, the day I got my first smartphone ever I knocked myself out downloading free gaming apps right and left... and playing the heck out of them, of course! Some were awesome, some were good, some where WTF?! And from all those games I've tried, I want to share with you the ones that I really, really liked.

These are by no means the BEST free gaming apps for the Samsung Galaxy Y. They are just my personal favorites. I've enjoyed them a lot, and still play some of them from time to time. If you have a Galaxy Y, or any other Android device, I think you will enjoy these games as much as I've enjoyed them.

Oki doki loki, so let's see what we have here!

The runner-up before the Top 5 - Stylish Sprint!

LOL, get it? Runner up? Stylish Sprint?... And the prize for the stupid joke of today goes to......... xD

Stylish Sprint will forever be in my heart as one of the funnest games I've ever played in a mobile device. It is simple YET very, very engaging.

The concept of this game is not really that groundbreaking. Stylish Sprint is just a platformer-dashing game where your character runs automatically and you have to avoid pitfalls and obstacles while grabbing coins and power-ups. However, there's two aspects that make this game stand out from the crowd:

1 - Gameplay features: Unlike other platformer-dashing games I've seen, in Stylish Sprint you can double jump, and you can also fly for a limited period of time. How much you can fly is limited by your "action bar", which slowly recharges itself over time. This is the only dashing game I've seen where you have the ability to fly, and it's just really cool! In many occasions it can be a life saver, which makes it even more valuable.

You can also blow up certain obstacles by punching them using the action button, but this action too depletes the action bar too, so it must be used with care. And finally, there's lots of interesting powerups, like spring shoes, thunder boost and even unlimited flying for a short period of time.

2 - Extra features: Unlike other dashing games, Stylish Sprint has a great variety of levels, and you can choose different objectives to fulfill in each level (called "quests"). This makes the gameplay MUCH more interesting, because then the game is not just about how much running distance can you cover on each level. The game also has a challenge mode, where you can play different mini-games to win "skill points", which are kind of like the currency of the game. You can use said skill points to buy power-ups, or to buy decorations for your character, like hats, belts, weapons, colors and more!

Finally, you can use actual cash to buy new characters (a fat guy and a slender girl), to remove ads and buy skill points.

When I first tried out this game I wished I had saved more money and get myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 instead (but I will get an S4 when it comes out then!). This is because, although the game is playable on a Galaxy Y, it's a bit laggy and it can be difficult to press the jump and action buttons correctly. This game is really fun... and it CAN run on your Galaxy Y, but it runs much better, and looks better, on a more robust Android device.

If you want to try other cool dashing games I recommend you play Kiwi Run and Unicorn Dash, also for free!

You can watch this Stylish Sprint "AppView" of the iOS version of Stylish Sprint. Both the Android and iOS version are basically the same, so this review counts!

Number 5 - Speed Moto

I love motorcycles (Update: Used to like. They are just too unsafe.) I'm one of those dudes that imagines himself riding his sweet two-wheeled machine right into the sunset. So, when I saw Speed Moto on Google Play I had to check it out!

This is not a high budget, out-of-the-world game but it is still pretty solid and enjoyable. Basically, what you have to do in this game is to advance in your motorcycle (or "moto") and avoid crashing with other vehicles or with the fences on each side of the road. You move your moto by tilting your Galaxy Y either to the right or to the left, and you accelerate by pressing the screen. There are coins scattered through the road, so be sure to grab as many coins as you can... but don't get too greedy, or you could end up crashing!

If you get enough coins after you inevitably crash you can buy a helmet in the store, which gives you a second chance if you have a crash next time. You can also buy different motos and even silly hat-gelmets. There are 6 different scenarios, which start over after you reach the sixth one.

As I said, this is not the ultimate motorcycle game out there or whatever. It could use some polishing and the crashing animation of your dude is non-existent (which makes crashing pretty funny to watch xD). But for FREE, it's a little fun game to have. See if you can complete all the scenarios without crashing!

Watch the game in action here.

Number 4 - Ninjump and Ninjump Deluxe

Created by Backflip studios, Ninjump is a nice little game about a ninja (ORLY?!) who for some reason has to run up two parallel walls and reach the highest altitude possible. But of course, it's not that easy to reach the heavens! Several enemies will try to take you down, and if you run against an obstacle you will fall to your inevitable death.

To avoid an obstacle and/or attack an enemy in mid-air, like a bird trying to get you, just touch the screen. That will make your ninja execute a jump-attack, which you will use to avoid yet more obstacles and kill more enemies.

When you kill three enemies of the same kind (like three birds) your ninja manifests the powers of those enemies (in this case, he grows wings), gains a short boost of invincibility and climbs for a bit without needing to avoid obstacles. After five seconds or so he will return to normal and keep climbing at normal pace.

Sometimes shields will appear on the stage. which look like shiny blue bubbles. When you grab one shield it will cover your ninja, and he will be immune to one enemy attack or crashing with an obstacle. You can find and grab another shield while being protected with a shield already, but doing so has no effect.

There are two versions of this game: Ninjump and Ninjump Deluxe. The difference is that the fist Ninjump only has one level: the Japanese-themed tower. Ninjump deluxe has three different levels: Medieval Castle, Pirate Ship and Jungle. Each level has their own assortment of different enemies and obstacles.

Both versions are ad supported. The ads are not disruptive at all, in my opinion. If you need to pause the game you can press the pause button at the bottom right corner of the screen... but it's small in the Galaxy Y, so it's easy to miss it. Also, remember to maintain your thumb on the bottom center of the screen to execute your jump-attack; this is so you don't lose visibility on your screen.

Also, in the Deluxe version you can buy shields using real cash! The cheapest option is 2 shields for 99 cents, while the most expensive option is a whooping 200 shields for $24.99! I mean, I enjoy this game and all, but do people seriously invest in this stuff??

Watch the game in action here.

Number 3 - Jewels Star

Yes yes, I know there are as many clones of Bejeweled out there as there are pizza toppings. Why is this particular instance so special to me, then?

First, because it runs as smooth as melted butter on the Samsung Galaxy Y. All images have a proper ratio and don't look stretched. The ads are not disruptive. The screen is responsive. The game just works really smoothly.

Second, I enjoy the aesthetics of this game. I enjoy the music track of this game a lot. The effects are cool. I like the combo mechanic, and what I really like about this game is the mechanic of having to send the Star Jewel to the bottom of the jewel pile in order to complete the level.

Jewels star is just a very sleek and smooth clone of Bejewled... and I just plain like it!

You can watch the game in action here.

Number 2 - Angry Birds Classic

When I first got my Samsung Galaxy Y, the first game I downloaded was Angry Birds Space. It was able to run but it was a bit laggy, and sometimes the scenarios got so big that the birds and pigs looked like red and green ants! You eventually get used to shooting red dots with your space slingshot... but recently, I decided to try the classic Angry Birds to see how it ran on my Galaxy Y... and wow!!

Angry Birds Classic runs smoother, the birds and pigs are more distinguishable and the screen is more responsive. Angry Birds Space might be more suited for a more robust device, so Angry Birds Classic (not sure about Seasons and Rio) is a better selection for your Galaxy Y.

If you don't know how to play Angry Birds (GASP!!), it's very simple. Your objective is to use an arsenal of really pissed off birds to destroy all the pigs that appear in the level you are in. For this you have a giant slingshot, which you will use to shoot your birdies, one at a time, at the egg-stealer pigs. Depending on the level you will get different birds with different abilities. Also, the pigs usually hide inside wooden-rocky-glassy structures. Because of this you need to analyze carefully the environment of the level, and see how you can use physics to your advantage!

Aim, shoot, and use your birds to make some green bacon! You can watch the game in action here.

Number 1 - Pumpkins VS Monsters

I'm a big fan of Plants VS Zombies (PvZ), and I can't wait for Plants VS Zombies 2 to be released next year! That is, if the mayan gods don't appear on December 21 of 2012 to kick humanity's butt xD

When I first got my Galaxy Y I swore PvZ was available for Android... but my heart was broken when I discovered that it wasn't. Ohhh, the agony! ;__;

But then I realized that even if PvZ was available for Android, it would probably NOT run smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Y, assuming it could run at all. So, I decided to just leave it like that... that is, until I found THIS game!

When I first heard about Pumpkins VS Monsters I immediately thought: "Pffttt, what a rip-off!! Are these guys for real? Are they trying to copy-pasta the legendary Plants VS freaking Zombies?? Fat chance, losers! Go make a clone of Tetris or something else!" Well, the guys that developed this game took some inspiration from PvZ, sure, but the gameplay mechanics of Pumpkins VS Monsters (PvM) are essentially different to those of PvZ.

The thing is that in PvM there is no white mana (winkwink MTG fans) you have to collect to summon plants, and you don't have long fields of land to plant your different plants. Instead, what you have is a rectangular zone at the bottom of your screen, protected with wood, where Pumpkins grow automatically.

Hoards of monsters will try to get to your zone. Your weapon against them? Your trusty pumpkins! To attack the enemy monsters with your pumpkins you need to move them around so that three or more pumpkins of the same color become connected. Once they are connected you can launch them all at once to the horde of monsters heading your way!

When you successfully kill monsters they may drop coins, items and even baby pumpkins, all of which you need to tap to collect. You can use the coins to upgrade the attack power of your pumpkins or to buy helpful items. You can also buy coins and other special items using real cash.

Pumpkins vs Monsters is NOT PvZ. But I can assure you that it IS a very fun and challenging game. As for right now, this is my favorite game for the Galaxy Y, and I'm looking forward to beat it 100%! Whether you are a fan of PvZ or not, I'm sure you will enjoy this Android gaming app if you give it a try. :D

You can watch a review of this game here.

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