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How to learn English

  • Really value the English language, and have the burning desire to really master it.
  • Learn the IPA.
  • Read and listen to any kind of content in English you desire, using transcripts and dictionaries. Check definitions, pronunciation and if needed example phrases for each word you look up.
  • Write in English at, and carefully revise the corrections native users do for you.
  • Do language exchanges and/or socialize in English with people who speak English, specially natives. Ask them to please correct your mistakes, and pay attention to said corrections.
  • Apply all of this. Build your own learning method. Buy a couple of useful tools and guides if you want.
  • Keep moving forward… and keep the hope burning!

… what, still too long? Ughhh… OK, you can have this then:

Inglesk in a tweet

Listen, read, look up meanings and pronunciations you don't know. Write at Lang-8 and speak with natives. Ask for corrections.

Last updated: July 22 of 2015

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