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Hello there! It's awesome to have you here. My name is Santiago Madrigal, and have a warm welcome to Inglesk.com! (That would be 'Inglés', the Spanish word for 'English', without the accent, and with an extra 'k' so it sounds cooler.)

Tell me, do you want to learn English? Would you like to master the language SO well that you can...
  • ... understand movies, shows, videos, music and podcasts entirely in English, practically as if they were in your native tongue?
  • ... read websites, books and other publications about your favorite topics, all in English, with ease?
  • ... write in English as well as you write in your native language?
  • ... speak in English very well, REALLY well, SOOOOOO well that people confuse you for a native US speaker (ok... almost)?
If that's the case, you've come to the right place! And if you already master English (or you don't master it, but you are reading this article translated in your native language), but you are working towards mastering any other language, what you will find here at Inglesk can also help you :D

In a nutshell, Inglesk.com is a website where you can learn how to learn English (and other languages) on your own, leveraging modern technology, without having to sign up for language classes of any kind, and without having to study the grammar rules of the English language (unless you like doing so).

For a more in-depth introduction about what you can find here at Inglesk.com go to the About page.

If you know what the expression TL;DR means, and you think Inglesk is TL;DR, I invite you to read the super-summarized-condensed version of this entire site: Inglesk - TL;DR.

For the rest of the articles, you will find a list of all articles below - it will be organized soon.

All righty, that's all for now. I hope you find this site very, very useful for your English learning, or for learning other languages.

Keep moving forward, and keep your hopes up!

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